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BARRIO BAGS by the Sea

Barrio Bags by the Sea
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Scarves & Stuff

"Fancy Fiesta"
Fancy Fiesta



This party scarf is a combination of recycled yarn from Nepal, eyelash yarn and acrylic.  The combination of textures, colors and recycled energy will put anyone in a festive mood!


How the Silk Yarn is Made:  The yarn is the made from the same silk used to make the colorful Saris worn by many women in South Asia. When Saris are made on a mill, the ends of the silk fabric are trimmed off.  To keep this beautiful silk from going to waste, the fibers from the trimmed ends are handspun spun into recycled silk yarn. The benefit is the women generate extra income!

Red Scarf

Fabulous Fringe
Fabulous Fringe


This fun ZigZag scarf can be made with a variety of yarns and colors.  It is comfortable to wear and conforms to your neck.  Be the talk of the party and wear this unique scarf and you will be noticed!

"Soft Sensation"
Soft Sensations

These "Sensations" will put you in a yogic trance just by wearing it!  It's warm and comfortable and may be worn with your favorite jeans or you can dress it up when you go out on the town.

"Fringe Sensation"
Fringe Sensatioin

"Skater Beanie"
Skater Beanie

This beanie is great for any skater in the family.  They can be fashioned in any combination of colors or solids.  The kids find these beanies really "sick"!  They're ultra sweet and ready for taking on those bowls!


"Felted Yoga Bag"
Yoga Bag
Contact me for pricing and to special order!

This beautiful felted Yoga bag can be custom made to show your bliss!  Order today and you will soon be traveling to the gym in style.

Bad hair day?  Don't despair...try out this "FurBulous" jewelry for your head.  It is cute, stylish and comfy!



BARRIO BAGS by the Sea

Made  by the beach  in Leucadia, California, Pescadero, Mexico

or wherever inspiration prevails.

145 Edgeburt Drive

Encinitas, CA 92024

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