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BARRIO BAGS by the Sea

Barrio Bags by the Sea
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Non-Felted Bags
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Non-Felted Bags

Crocheted & Knitted Fun
(Please click on photos for better detail!)

"Round the World HitchHiker"

"Round the World Futuristic"


These sweet little bags go "'Round the World".  A combination of Tunisian crochet and/or knitting, recycled silk yarn from Nepal & shells from Mexico make this purse experience one of a kind.  These bags can be made with or without the silk and you can choose the solid crochet /knit style or the looser knitted model.  These bags come with a magnetic snap closure.

Please note: For more information on the recycled silk, please see explanation in scarves under "Fancy Fiesta".

"Round the World" (Knitted)
La Playa

"Round the World" (Crochet)

'Round the World


Pretend Purse

These fun little bags are great for play or pretend.  You pick the colors and make up the characters that go with it!



BARRIO BAGS by the Sea

Made  by the beach  in Leucadia, California, Pescadero, Mexico

or wherever inspiration prevails.

145 Edgeburt Drive

Encinitas, CA 92024

(760) 809-8344