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BARRIO BAGS by the Sea

Barrio Bags by the Sea
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"If you want a knit, that's my business.  If you want to knot, that's yours!"

Before Felting
Ann with completed bag before felting process.

After Felting
Bag after felting.

Cynthia modeling Barrio Bag in San Francisco.
Modeled by: Cynthia, Barrio del Valle de Noe, San Francisco, CA

"Knittin' in the 'Hood"


Here at Barrio Bags, you can custom order any texture, color or style of bag or accessory.  You can be creative and channel your ideas through my knitting!  Please convey your feelings; such as blissful relaxation, a laid back lifestyle, bright, fun, flashy, glitter, or bohemian.  These feelings CAN be a knitted picture of you!  Many pre-made bags are available at:  Buy it Now! Many of the materials for these knitted items come from neighborhoods around the world.


Enjoy the present immensely and give yourself a present from Barrio Bags!

Lily Custom Jewelry
Modeled by: Amy, Leucadia, California (Owner of Lily Custom Jewelry)

Waxie our "Save Her"
Baja Rescue
"Strawberry" Scarf

Waxie-doodle, once hungry and tired, was rescued from Los Cerritos, Mexico in the fall of 1997 and brought to Leucadia, California where she lived for ten years. She gave our family more love and pleasure than she'd ever know.  Occasionally she went back to her mother-land for a visit and to run freely on the beach but she became devoted to her family and her regular meals and was always happy to come back home with us.  Please click on the picture of Waxie  for a link to "Baja Rescue" for an opportunity to help an abandoned or sick creature from Baja.



BARRIO BAGS by the Sea

Made  by the beach  in Leucadia, California, Pescadero, Mexico

or wherever inspiration prevails.

145 Edgeburt Drive

Encinitas, CA 92024

(760) 809-8344