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BARRIO BAGS by the Sea

Barrio Bags by the Sea
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Felted Bags

Custom order your Barrio Bag today!

The felted purses are custom made out of 90 - 100% wool fibers.  They all come with an adjustable handle, snap enclosure and roomy interior.  My commitment is to you; knitting with a labor of devotion to come up with a unique item each time!


(Click on any photo to enlarge it for better detail)


         Please note:  No two bags are ever exactly the same as availability of yarns can vary.  Similar colors and textures may be replicated as in the pictures below but each item is different!  If you wish to purchase a pre-made item, please click on the "Specials" link above.

"Half FurReal"
Half FurReal

"Big FurReal"
Big FurReal

This custom "Big FurReal" bag is made from a variety of needlepoint wool yarns to give it a diversity of color. It is then woven with eyelash yarns to achieve the "FurReal" look.  The results after felting are this gorgeous purse that all of your amigos will want!

The "Half FurReal" is a combination of needlepoint and eyelash yarns or a solid base with eyelash yarn.  This flashy combination is a Barrio Bags original!


"Half FurReal"
Half FurReal

"Mini FurReal"
Mini Furreal

"Big FurReal"
Earthy FurReal

This is the Mother Earth of the "FurReal".  100% Lopi yarn combined with an ocean of eyelash yarn give this bag a warm and sparkly feel.

This "Mini FurReal" bag is constructed of 100% hand dyed, chunky wool yarn.  The variations in color are natural and unique.  The purple eyelash yarn, fringes the top of the purse for a little extra sparkle!

"Big FurReal"

The super cool "Raggedy Ann" is a felted original with a variety of eyelash and textured yarns interwoven with 100% wool.  This casual bag is essential!

Raggedy Ann

"Blue Lagoon"
Blue Lagoon


The "Blue Lagoon" purse is available in solids or color variations.  It comes with an interior pocket or coin purse and snap closure.  

"Travel FurReal"
Travel Bag

This square, chic, soft and furry bag accomodates all of your magazines and personal items in a fashionable manner.  It is easy to stow or can be used as a pillow.  Be the hippest person on the plane and Travel FurReal!

"Southwest Sunrise"
Southwest Sunrise

Southwest Sunrise

The "Southwest Sunrise" is a complex process of combining many shorts lengths of needlepoint yarn to achieving this beautiful pattern.



BARRIO BAGS by the Sea

Made  by the beach  in Leucadia, California, Pescadero, Mexico

or wherever inspiration prevails.

145 Edgeburt Drive

Encinitas, CA 92024

(760) 809-8344